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7 Reasons to Believe


1. WSM is built on a God given vision

2. WSM has been established for over 10 yrs.

3. WSM is delivering ‘sport in the community’ in 2 countries, 4 cities and has trained leaders in 7 other countries

4. WSM has a bold purpose and clear values

5. WSM has defined leadership, expertise and established best practise that works. Its CST model has been taught through aspects of More Than Gold and the International Sports Coalition.

6. WSM partners with long standing, reputable Christian organisations to strengthen and extend their reach and add kingdom value.

7. WSM ran 104 sports mission projects in the UK in 2011 reaching thousands with the gospel. More than 4 times this number of projects are planned in 2012.



1. Low commitment – WSM expertise will help start, equip and support your CST.

2. Low risk – Central management expertise will provide best practise.

3. Resources – A library of information and people’s know how provided for you.

6. Prayer – you will be covered by the WSM Prayer Warriors and team of intercessors

Click here to see how you can start a Community Sports Team

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