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All the Bells – Please pray wherever you are

The 70 day cascade of prayer and praise will come to an end with the prayer relay finish in East London on the evening of 26th July and the Praise Bus wil complete its journey on 27th July.

We want to invite everyone everywhere to pray 8.12am on 27th July – please forward this invitation on.

At 8.12am on 27th July 2012 the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games are calling for bells to be rung across our nations : any bell, anyone, anywhere

We feel this is a very significant moment and want to invite everyone to pray wherever they are on that day! We long to see a spiritual turning in our nation.

It is 70 years ago to the day when Winston Churchill called for the bells to be rung after the first battle of El Alamein ended on 27th July 1942 with a stalemate. The bells marked a turning point. After the second battle of El Alamein which ended on 3rd November 1942 there was victory. He recalled ‘before El Alamein we never had a victory, after El Alamein we never had a defeat’.

  • Bells were rung on 3 June at the Jubilee Pageant carried on the bell barge and were answered by church bells along the Thames.
  • Bells will ring on 27th July 2012 at 08.12am
  • A 27 ton bell will ring at 9pm on 27 July. It is twice the size of Big Ben and the largest tuned bell in Europe and will ring in the Olympic Stadium to start London 2012. It will carry the quote from The Tempest ‘Do not be afeard; the isle is full of noises ‘.

A number of people have been carrying words about the significance of bells:

Jonathan Bellamy

Beni Johnson of Bethel Church had a recent word about the bells ringing in England Beni Johnson’s Word for UK – May 2012

Kathie Walters who has mobilized thousands around the world to pray during the Jubilee and for the start of the games.

World Prayer Centre has put together some scriptures and prayers for you to use; but feel free to pray how the Lord leads on that morning. Download the Call to Prayer 27th July sheet

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