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More than Gold Enquiries

Wow what a 2012 it was! Here at WSM we really hope you tapped into the fever of the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics to impact your community. Throughout the UK, over 4,000 churches did, and more than 500,000 people attended organised events such as Community festivals, sports tournaments, sports quizzes to name just a few.

As well as an opportunity to reach people, the ‘Games’ were a great catalyst to ‘get in the game’ of sports ministry and trigger an ongoing approach to relevant community engagement. Legacy was always an important factor in London winning the Games bid and it’s crucial for us as a body to consider what we do next; the fever of 2012 with the Diamond Jubilee and the Games made it an unforgettable year – wouldn’t it be a shame and a missed opportunity if our communities couldn’t experience a regular (downsized) repeat?

Well, they can if we prayerfully develop a vision for Community transformation through engagement and that’s why sport & leisure are so powerful as tools as 2012 proved.

We would love to support you with advice and training whether you are considering next steps legacy or beginning for the first time. How about a sports festival, tournament, children’s sports camp or a schools programme? We could help you develop a small team that could stage such outreaches. Have a look at the links below and contact us for more information.

Why you should start a Community Sports Team

How to start a Community Sports Team

‘School Games’ Information


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