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Why Sports Ministry

Approximately 80% of the world’s population are somehow influenced by sport; maybe they play at any level, maybe they watch sport or read the back pages of newspapers.

Did you realise that 85% of the UK will watch the Olympic Games opening ceremony in 2012? What an opportunity for the church to host a large screen event or do screening parties in multitudes of homes and then play the testimonies of available Christian athletes produced on DVD!

Sport and music are the biggest influences in life and enables the body of Christ to take the church to the people. In general, not-yet believers don’t just walk into church, the church has to go into it’s community and love them enough to share God’s love in the most relevant way possible.

Why should you start a sports ministry in your community?

1. People need Jesus to be saved and many are involved in sport
2. Sport is a great platform to share God’s love
3. God is using sports ministry all over this country and the world – so why not in your area?

Or expressed differently:  ‘Sport offers the body of Christ the greatest opportunity to reach the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time using the least amount of money.’

How you can do sports ministry in your local area.

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