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“Our vision is to make Jesus relevant in a way that people understand – and that is through sport and activities”


The Poole CST run a Friday night club for teenagers featuring football, fifa and food! (a great combination) The club has been a great platform for building relationships and sharing the Gospel.

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The Poole CST is led by Israel Douglas. He is a talented sportsman himself and also a brilliant rapper! If you ever meet him – ask him to rap his testimony! It’s one of a kind! Israel is currently at bible college which has been a great platform for him to step into sports ministry. He is an inspirational guy and has a boldness to share his faith with anyone. Having been on a long haul flight with him, the passengers and air hostesses definitely heard the Gospel on that flight.



07584 634 470


If you live within the Poole/Bournemouth area and would like to get involved with the team they meet every Friday for the club and regularly to pray and plan. 

amy lavery, 17/12/2019