Free tools to help you impact people in your local area. 

Our heart is to help produce quality resources to aid training and ministry implementation.
Below is a list of free tools to help you with your ministry; we pray they add value to what you are doing and plan to do.


Sports Ministry Development


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Starting a sports Ministry Team Manual
Proclaiming the gospel Manual
Making Disciples Manual
Go-To Approach Sports Ministry Manual

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Outreach Strategies


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Sports Camps Manual
Total Coaching Manual
School Sports Ministry Manual
Running a Sports Tournament Manual
Youth Sports Leadership Manual
Detached Sports Ministry Manual
Health & Fitness Manual
Staging a Sports Quiz Manual
 a Major Sports Event
Sports Breakfasts & Dinners

(Please click on the links or request manuals)

Ready Set Go Manual


The international sports movement has worked together over many years sharing and shaping resources to grow the work; visit www.readysetgo.world to view an amazing library of materials freely available to everyone. 

Please contact us for the Ready Set Go manual.

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This video that explains how you can utilise these resources:

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We are regularly writing and developing new materials to aid ministry growth and impact, so check back again soon!


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