Every Age

Ministry Focus

'I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; Therefore the people shall praise You forever and ever.'

Psalm 45:17

Our Father in heaven cares about everyone of every age in every place, and Jesus came for all. When He commanded us as believers to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15), He meant everyone.

80% of the world play or watch sport - that's almost everyone! 
Here at WSM, we continue to reach and disciple people of different ages and partner with others to help them do the same throughout the world. Below are a few things the Lord has been up to through our work for Him. Please ask God if He would use you in any way to further what we do as there is lot's to be done to join in with others in impacting 'every age.'

Thanks, as ever and please stand strong!

Grant & Team WSM




                                                                 Playing With Purpose

Jesus said "Let the little children come to Me" (Matt 19:14), and we love to give them that opportunity.

In the UK, after a summer of sports camps that impacted over 300 different children, our coaches have begun the new school year coaching Biblical character and life skills through sports drills to 1,000 young people every week. One of those is 9 year old 'H' who last year really struggled with his response towards others, often being unkind and nasty; however, God has been busy, leading to what appears to be 'a new boy,' with 'H' receiving and giving heartfelt love like not seen before.

In Kenya our partnering team staged a 'New Hope Kids Games' in a local primary school in their community impacting 547 children for Jesus. Leader Joseph said:

"After the session, the deputy headteacher approached me and shared appreciation for our time with their learners, especially for the devotional. She requested if we would have Bibles to donate to the school since there is ONLY a single Bible in the school!"

Praise God and could you help us get more Bibles for this school and the work in Kenya?

Could you help us impact more people here?



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                                                                       Youth Leading Now!

In Burundi last month, one of the team's trained 30 teenagers to begin serving God missionally. A part of this training included a soccer outreach where youth were involved in reaching 250 local people resulting in 115 of them chosing to begin following Jesus.

In Pakistan, teenagers are continuing to be discipled towards and in Jesus through a weekly sports group that play experiential games and learn how to study the Bible. This is helping grow church based youth work and provide a relevant environment for young people to engage with believers and build relationships.  

Glory to God!

Could you impact sporty teenagers? 


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'Getting In The Game'
In Kenya, a team of 22 volunteers reached into Naivasha Maximum security prison through sports and shared the hope found in God with all 2,234 inmates. Toilet paper and soap was distributed to all, and as well as this, 100 precious prisoners said 'yes' to Jesus!

In Burundi last month, one team reached 10,000 spectators at an organised soccer match in the Bubanza Province where 526 adults decided to begin following Jesus.

In Bujumbura, another ministry team engaged with 6,465 people through community sports games and threaded outreach into nearby communities. Wonderfully, 907 adults began a new journey with Jesus.

Thank you Lord.