'I will do a new thing'

Ministry Focus

'For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.'

Isaiah 43:19

There's good and then there's best.

God is good - so good and all of the time, as He remains wonderfully and faithfully consistent. And although there is so much 'past' to thank Him for, He has something greater 'brewing.' 
Most of us have and and continue to experience a very different 2020 to what we had planned; there has been much loss and many moments missed out on; however, when we seem down to nothing, God is up to something!

Many agree that this 'downtime' has been a season to 're-set.' To seek the Lord and realign the priorities of life and work; and to prepare our hearts and ministry's for what He is about to say and do. 

Here at WSM we have intensified our prayer ministry and time with God and have a great sense of the 'new' to come. It may be a 'wilderness season,' but He's making a pathway. Things may seem 'dry,' but He's creating a river! Elements of life and ministry may have appeared to be stuck on red at the traffic lights, but red is turning to a flashing amber and green is imminent because the Lord has already begun the new.

So 'get in gear' and get ready to GO! 

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Action in Africa

International Ministry

Although many of us are still restricted activity wise, the Lord continues to move freely, and where there is more relaxation of rules, amazing things are happening!

In Malawi, our partners reach out into communities through soccer ministry with competitive matches between teams and with gospel proclamation. Praise God for the new changed lives that decided to follow Jesus through under 14 and under 16 matches.
40 church pastors were also envisioned and trained last month in Blantyre to make sport a part of their mission.

In Burundi, great things continue to happen. A local football match led to 101 players and spectators saying 'yes' to Jesus after the game and an additional 25 teenagers starting following Jesus in Kamenge after a youth fixture.
Glory to God!



All of these new believers received a free Bible and with so many lives changing, we urgently need to finance additional Bible orders. Could you help fund that?  


Helping those in Need

Local Ministry

We weren't able to stage our summer sports camps as usual this year, yet our Bath team had the privilege of partnering with other organisations in the city to stage a 'summer school' for disadvantaged children who have been profoundly effected socially and educationally during lockdown.

This was a nurture-based experience for the children and workers and we were able to offer a range of sporting activities that enabled children to experience something new and express themselves in the great outdoors. 
Thomas aged 9, said "Sport wasn't my thing, in fact I have hated it in the past, but you have helped me fall in love with hockey and I want to play more."

One of the project organisers said:
"Sport is something that I know is important, but I have never really thought about it that much in relation to our work. I think I often experienced and have seen organised sport as something that can be triggering for children and not at all nurturing. However, you have really challenged me in my thinking. I loved your approach, you were very nurturing and encouraging and gentle with the children. I was particularly moved by how you supported Millie and Thomas to join in and feel able to try new things. As we know both of those children are significantly overweight, possibly obese, for most children like that they would not dare to try sports, but you made it safe, you helped them to feel loved and wanted and to believe they could do it. That was very moving to see and experience." 

This illustrates our 'Body-Mind-Spirit' approach. What a joy to help impact young people in need during a time such as this.

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